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Enable ESET LiveGuard Advanced using ESET Cloud Office Security

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  • Create a policy to enable ESET LiveGuard Advanced (formerly ESET Dynamic Threat Defense) using ESET Cloud Office Security (ECOS)


Starting November 29, 2021, in Europe and December 1, 2021, in North America, EDTD will be available for ECOS version 119.2 and later for free as part of our continuous product improvement process. EDTD is already available to use for endpoint, servers and mail security products. Click here to see a full list of products that support EDTD.

 If you are already using ECOS and own the product as a standalone, EDTD is a new feature and will be available at no additional cost.

 If you are an existing ESET PROTECT Complete customer who owns the product as part of the bundle, EDTD is already included in the EPC bundle. Be aware we have also expanded the list of EDTD supported products


1. Open your ESET Business Account and log in.

2. Open your ECOS account, If you need to activate ECOS, see our Online Help topic for more information.

3. Click Policies → Create new policy and type a name for your policy, the description field is optional. Select the desired target(s) for your policy and click Next. See our Online Help topic for more information on policy settings and targets.

4. Expand Dynamic Threat Defense.

5. Select the slider bar next to Dynamic Threat Defense.

6. Click Next.

7. Select the check boxes next to the names of the target users you want to enable EDTD for and click OK.

8. Click Save changes

To confirm that EDTD is active on client computers, click Users, select the user, click configuration, expand Dynamic Threat Defense, and confirm EDTD is enabled.

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