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ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server - Rules - file type

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This is a list of all file types being detected when condition By attachment type is used in rules:

Executable files

Windows Executable [*.exe;*.dll;*.sys;*.drv;*.ocx;*.scr] MS-DOS Executable [*.exe]
ELF Executable and Linkable format (e.g. Linux) [*.elf]
Adobe Flash [*.swf]
Java Class Bytecode [*.class]
Windows Installer Package [*.msi]
Apple OS X Intel binary executable []
Apple OS X PPC binary executable []
Apple OS X Universal binary executable []

Office files


Generic OLE2 Compound Document []
Microsoft Office DRM Protected Document []
Microsoft Office Password Protected Document []




Microsoft Word (97-2003) [*.doc;*.dot]
Microsoft Word (2007+) [*.docx;*.dotx]
Microsoft Word Macro-Enabled (2007+) [*.docm;*.dotm]
Microsoft Word XML Document [*.xml]
Microsoft WinWord 2.0 [*.doc]
Adobe Portable Document Format [*.pdf]
XML Paper Specification [*.xps]
Rich Text Format [*.rtf]
Microsoft Works [*.wps]
OpenDocument Text [*.odt;*.ott]
WordPerfect Document [*.wpd]




Microsoft Excel (5.0, 97-2003) [*.xls;*.xlt]
Microsoft Excel (2007+) [*.xlsx;*.xltx]
Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled (2007+) [*.xlsm;*.xltm]
Microsoft Excel XML Document [*.xml]
OpenDocument Spreadsheet [*.ods;*.ots]




Microsoft PowerPoint (97-2003) [*.ppt;*.pps;*.pot]
Microsoft PowerPoint (2007+) [*.pptx;*.ppsx;*.potx]
Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled (2007+) [*.pptm;*.ppsm;*.potm]
Microsoft PowerPoint XML Document [*.xml]
Microsoft Office Theme [*.thmx]
OpenDocument Presentation [*.odp;*.otp]


Personal Database


Microsoft Access Database (97-2003) [*.mdb]
Microsoft Access Database (2007+) [*.accdb;*.accde]
Microsoft Access Database Template (2007+) [*.accdt]
OpenDocument Database [*.odb]




Microsoft Visio [*.vsd;*.vss;*.vst;*.vdw]
Microsoft OneNote [*.one]
Microsoft OneNote Single File Package [*.onepkg]
Microsoft Outlook Message [*.msg;*.oft]
Microsoft Project (2000+) [*.mpp]
Microsoft Visio XML Drawing [*.vdx;*.vsx;*.vtx]
OpenDocument Graphics [*.odg;*.otg]
OpenDocument Formula [*.odf]




ZIP archive [*.zip]
ZIP archive (empty) [*.zip]
ZIP archive (multivolume) [*.zip]
RAR archive [*.rar]
ARJ archive [*.arj]
7-Zip archive [*.7z]
bzip2 archive [*.bz2]
GZip archive [*.gz;*.gzip;*.tgz]
ACE archive [*.ace]
FreeArc archive [*.arc]
Microsoft Cabinet archive [*.cab]
Java archive [*.jar]
Single File Web Page [*.mht]

Password protected
ZIP archive (password protected) [*.zip]
RAR archive (password protected) [*.rar]




JPEG image [*.jpg;*.jpeg]
Portable Network Graphics [*.png]
GIF image [*.gif]
Windows Bitmap image [*.bmp;*.dib]
Tagged Image Format File [*.tif;*.tiff]
JPEG 2000 image [*.jp2;*.j2k]
Adobe Photoshop [*.psd]
PC Paintbrush image [*.pcx]
Portable Pixel Map image [*.ppm]
Truevision Targa image [*.tga]
Windows Icon [*.ico]




Windows Metafile [*.wmf]
Windows Enhanced Metafile [*.emf]
Adobe Encapsulated PostScript [*.eps]
CorelDRAW [*.cdr]
AutoCAD Drawing [*.dwg]
AutoCAD Drawing Interchange File [*.dxf]
AutoCAD Design Web Format [*.dwf]
AutoCAD Design Web Format XPS [*.dwfx]




Windows Media container [*.wm;*.wmv;*.asf]
Resource Interchange File Format container [*.riff]
Generic MPEG-4 Container [*.mp4]
OGG stream container [*.ogg]
Matroska Multimedia stream container [*.mkv]
Real Media stream container [*.rm;*.rmvb]




MPEG Audio Stream [*.mp3;*.mp2;*.mpa]
MPEG-4 Audio [*.m4a]
Waveform Audio [*.wav]
Musical Instrument Digital Interface [*.mid;*.midi]
Free Lossless Audio Codec [*.flac]
Monkey's Audio [*.ape]
Ogg Vorbis Audio [*.ogg]
Matroska Audio stream [*.mka]




MPEG-4 Video [*.mp4;*.m4v]
MPEG Program Stream [*.mpg;*.mpeg;*.vob]
Audio Video Interleaved [*.avi]
DivX Video [*.avi;*.divx]
Adobe Flash Video [*.flv]
Adobe Flash Video (MPEG-4 format) [*.f4v]
Apple QuickTime video [*.mov;*.qt]
Ogg Video [*.ogv;*.ogg]
Ogg Media stream [*.ogm]
3GPP Video [*.3gp]
3GPP2 Video [*.3g2]
WebM Video [*.webm]


Text files


Plain US-ASCII text [*.txt]
Extended ASCII text [*.txt]
UTF-8 encoded text [*.txt]
UTF-16 encoded text [*.txt]
UTF-32 encoded text [*.txt]
Generic XML Document [*.xml]


Other files


Microsoft Windows Help [*.hlp]
Microsoft Windows HTML Help [*.chm]
SQLite Database []




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