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How do I check a system is Full Disk Encrypted? - Kennisbank / ESET Endpoint Encryption - ESET Tech Center

How do I check a system is Full Disk Encrypted?

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Once system Full Disk Encryption has been commenced on a workstation, you will be required to enter your credentials using the Start system menu item in the Pre-Boot screen whenever the system boots. 



When a Full Disk Encryption operation has been commenced but has not yet completed, a progress window will be displayed to the user.



Standalone System

On standalone systems which are not managed by an Enterprise Server you can check which disks have been encrypted by doing the following:

  • Login to DESlock+.
  • From the DESlock+ menu select the Full Disk Encryption\Full Disk Encryption menu item.  

  • Click the Manage Disks button.
  • The disks will be displayed and their status as shown in the example below which shows a system using Whole Disk encryption. 


System Managed by an Enterprise Server

From the Enterprise Server you can view the current encryption progress of a workstation.  Workstations are uniquely identified in the Enterprise Server by their Workstation ID.  Please see here for details on fniding the Workstation ID of a Workstation: KB249 - How do I find my Workstation ID?

  • Login to the Enterprise Server.
  • Select the Workstations branch of the navigation tree.
  • The status of FDE (encrypted, encrypting etc.) will be displayed in the list of workstations.

  • Select the Workstation in the list of workstations.
  • Click the Details button.
  • The Disk Information section on the right hand side will show the progress of encryption and partition details.

The Enterprise Server is also able to generate reports showing the status of all the Workstations it manages.

  • Select the Organisation:YOUR_ORG_NAME branch of the navigation tree.
  • Select the Reporting Tab.
  • Select the report to display then click Run in Window.  The reports in the Workstation folder report the status of Full Disk Encryption.

  • Reports can also be exported in PDF or CSV format using the appropriate toolbar buttons.


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