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How to collect ESET Secure Authentication logs

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When installing or updating ESET Secure Authentication (ESA), logs are created in "%ProgramData%\ESET Secure Authentication". If you experience issues when using ESA, it is convenient to genereate detailed logs.

  1. In the %ProgramData%\ESET Secure Authentication\logs folder, create a loglevel.txt file.
  2. Edit the file, type trace and save changes.
  3. Open Windows Task Manager, click Services.
  4. Find and restart the following Service (if present)
    • Find and right-click ESACore, select Restart.
    • Find and right-click ESACpProxy, select Restart.
    • Find and right-click ESARadius, select Restart.
    • Find and right-click ESANtlmProxy, select Restart.
  5. Replicate the issues you experienced.

Repeat the steps from above also on the machine where an issue-related ESA component is installed.

If ESET Technical Support asks you to provide logs use ESET Log Collector to collect the information required.


Submit logs from the ESET Secure Authentication (ESA) mobile application

  1. Open the ESA moblie application, tap Menu > About.
  2. Tap the text in the About screen five times to initialize log collection. Action buttons will display but are unavailable during this time.
  3. When log collection is complete, action buttons will become available. To send information to our support team via your default mail application, tap Share info. To paste the information in a custom mail application, tap Copy info to clipboard.

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