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How to move a managed user to a new licence - Kennisbank / ESET Endpoint Encryption - ESET Tech Center

How to move a managed user to a new licence

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Note: the following process is not required if you upgrade to Enterprise Server v2.5.7 or later.  See this article for more details: Licence Tools - How to replace an existing licence or move users between licences


If you need to change the licence assigned to a user to a different licence, you will first need to delete the user. To do this, navigate to the user from the Enterprise Server and click to highlight them. Click the 'Delete' button as shown below.

You will then be presented with the dialog shown below. As you are about to issue the user a new licence you will need to click the 'Yes' button to continue with the delete.

At which point you will be shown the user interface below which will require you to input the Enterprise Server admin password to confirm the deletion of the user. 

Click the 'Delete' button and the user will be removed from the Enterprise Server.

You will now be required to add the user to the Enterprise Server, to do this click the add button from the same location as shown in the top picture. The user can be added by typing their email address or follow the example shown in the User Interface.

Once the user has been added they will have a grey icon next to them, simply click to highlight the user and click the 'Generate Activation Code' button as you have done previously. When the user interface opens, click the new licence you wish to assign to the user and click the 'Generate' button. You can then use this code to activate the software in th same way as before.

From the client machine, to generate the activation box you will need to follow our relevant knowledge base article.


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