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Problems saving files from Microsoft Word

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If you have DESlock+ installed and are experiencing problems saving documents from Microsoft Word check whether Trusteer Rapport(also known as Trusteer Endpoint Protection) is installed.

The problems experienced may include hanging or stalling during saving, or the blocking of files being saved altogether.

The issue has been reported with both Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Word 2013 and Microsoft Word 2016. 

Trusteer Rapport updates itself in the background and a previously working system may suddenly start exhibiting a problem. It is often recommended and provided for free to users of online banking.


We have contacted Trusteer and they have confirmed that this problem is caused by their software and will be fixed in a future release of the Rapport utility.  They have not currently set a date for this fix becoming available. 


There are two workarounds to allow the save functionality to work correctly:

Remove the Trusteer software

Uninstall the Trusteer software and using alternate protection, like ESET Antivirus. 

How to remove Trusteer Rapport:


Modify the settings of Rapport

By disabling one of the options in Rapport it will resolve the problem saving files.  This will of course prevent that protection from being in place.

  • From the Windows Start menu run the Trusteer Endpoint Protection Console from the Trusteer Endpoint Protection group.

  • In the Rapport interface click the green arrow to change to page 2 of 2

  • Click the Edit Policy link in the Security Policy section.

  • Enter the appropriate letters in the User Approval dialog then click the OK button.
  • Scroll down to the option Protect Trusteer Endpoint Protection from Unauthorized Removal and use the drop down control to set the option to Never.

  • Click the Save button.
  • A warning will explain you need to restart your computer, click the OK button.
  • Restart Windows to apply the change.


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