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Ransomware Remediation with ESET XDR - Kennisbank / Video Content - ESET Tech Center

Ransomware Remediation with ESET XDR

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In this exclusive video, our MDR (Managed Detection and Response) engineer takes you inside our ESET Inspect XDR module to showcase the power of ESET PROTECT Platform. Watch in real-time as we demonstrate the effectiveness of our solutions in deflecting a ransomware attack orchestrated by the notorious FreeWorld ransomware. The scenario was replicated by one of our Security Monitoring Analysts James Rodewald from our Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

Key Highlights:

  • Real-world Scenario: Witness how our ESET PROTECT Platform effectively combats a simulated Freeworld ransomware attack, providing a firsthand look at our cutting-edge technology in action.

  • Actionable Insights: Explore the Incident Creator feature, where every detail is presented in a clear and actionable context. Our MDR engineer demonstrates how our tools empower quick decision-making and response.

Ready to enhance your organization's cybersecurity posture? Contact your ESET representative today for a business trial or more information about our MDR offerings. Strengthen your defenses and stay one step ahead of cyber threats with ESET!


00:12 Get insights from the automated Incident Creator graph

01:38 Understand the FreeWorld Ransomware Attack

02:47 Additional insight from the incident graph timeline

03:42 Remediate incident and kill the threat

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