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Use Active Directory Scanner in ESET PROTECT Cloud

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  • Important information about using the Active Directory Scanner (ADS) tool 


The ESET ADS tool is only available for ESET PROTECT Cloud version 2.0 and cannot synchronize Active Directory users at this time. 


Visit the ESET PROTECT online help guide for information about:

Available support resources


  • CHANGED: ESET Cloud Administrator renamed to ESET PROTECT Cloud
  • ADDED: Ability to manage and protect mobile devices running Android OS
  • ADDED: Ability to manage FileVault (macOS) native encryption (when an eligible license is present)
  • ADDED: Increased limit of devices under management (up to 10 000 - dependent on purchased license size)
  • ADDED: One-click deployment of ESET Dynamic Threat Defense if an eligible license is present
  • ADDED: Ability to manage (configure, add new, etc. ) dynamic groups
  • ADDED: Ability to manage (configure, add new, etc. ) notifications
  • ADDED: Ability to define specific permission sets to selected users (objects, actions, etc.) - enables multi-tenancy
  • ADDED: Active Directory synchronization (Computers only)
  • ADDED: Syslog - log exporting
  • ADDED: New “Audit log” section provides detailed information about specific actions
  • ADDED: Ability to mass deployment of management agent on macOS platform
  • ADDED: Second level menu for advanced options
  • ADDED: Secure Browser management Site license support, including a new “License user” column and additional
  • ADDED: Renew a license in the “License Management” screen A
  • ADDED: Ability to drill-down from expiring license issues in Dashboards and Reports to obtain more information in the License Management
  • ADDED: New “Manage license” context menu
  • ADDED: EULA update notifications, that supports auto-upgrade (uPCU) of endpoint products in managed environments
  • ADDED: New ESET Full Disk Encryption (EFDE) management actions directly from Computer details
  • ADDED: New EFDE Dynamic groups and Reports
  • ADDED: Detection details (LiveGrid, Observed in the organization, Virus Total link)
  • ADDED: One-click access to client task triggers
  • ADDED: Unsupported browser warning
  • ADDED: New "Seats allocated to sites" preset in dedicated license report
  • ADDED: Multi-line command scripts for Run Command task
  • ADDED: Option to create a Computer user group in the Add computer user wizard
  • CHANGED: Retention policy defaults changed
  • CHANGED: License unit/sub-units visualization changed to "used/total" for online licenses and "X offline" for offline licenses
  • CHANGED: Access to behavior reports (when EDTD is purchased and enabled) are available only if an eligible license is present
  • IMPROVED: Ability to define retention policy for certain logs
  • IMPROVED: Exclusions mechanism extended to firewall threats
  • IMPROVED: Computer details now directly accessible by clicking the computer name
  • IMPROVED: One-click Network isolation
  • IMPROVED: Columns ordering
  • IMPROVED: Pop-up with search option
  • IMPROVED: Hierarchical Dynamic groups tree
  • IMPROVED: Multi-select in pop-ups (modal) windows
  • IMPROVED: Ability to create one exclusion from multiple detentions with standard exclusion criteria(s)
  • IMPROVED: Breadcrumbs for better navigation in Wizards
  • IMPROVED: Various other performance and security improvements
  • FIXED: Delete task action removes all client tasks, not just selected items in task list for a certain group
  • FIXED: Status filter not visible for server tasks (only in client tasks)
  • FIXED: Failed to send a wake-up call from the client task details executions page
  • FIXED: Incorrect target group type displays when editing a client trigger
  • FIXED: “Status update” type notifications fail to save if they contain the “$” character
  • FIXED: Import of policies with large file sizes
  • FIXED: Infinite units or sub-units in tooltips for licenses in the License Management screen display incorrectly
  • FIXED: License-related notifications (for example, expiration/overuse) trigger when a license is suspended
  • FIXED: Policy does not block the selected Scan profile
  • FIXED: Filters previously set are not saved
  • FIXED: Various other bugfixes Product

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