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Early Access Program Release: PSA Plugin v1.0 - Nieuws / Technology - ESET Tech Center

Aug 24 2023

Early Access Program Release: PSA Plugin v1.0

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Last year we have put the PSA Plugins into the end of life status and have decided to remake this whole solution to make it more modern and better for all the MSP customers. Today I'm happy to announce that we have launched the Early Access Program for the brand new and fresh PSA Plugin which is cloud-based solution. The idea behind this project was to create a solution that would accommodate all the PSA integration within one console and make it look like more “ESET”. In the first version of this plugin we have introduced a lot of new features for the MSPs, more details can be found in the changelog section.

The PSA plugin (Early Access) , is now available to any MSPs at following domain . Please keep in mind that only the root admins will be able to login to the console as we wanted to limit the access for any additional technicians within the MSP base to make sure the records are properly handled.

Full documentation is available at:

If there are any questions, feedback or technical issues please submit a ticket,


  • ADDED: Support for ConnectWise Manage PSA.

  • ADDED: Support for Datto Autotask PSA.

  • ADDED: Support for On-Premise ESET PROTECT.

  • ADDED: Support for EMA2 (licensing information, login procedure, company information).

  • ADDED: Support for billing functionality.

  • ADDED: Support for ticketing functionality.

  • ADDED: Support for directing the tickets into various queues and severity definition.

  • ADDED: Initial Set-up guide for new users.

  • ADDED: Audit log information.

  • ADDED: Automatic and Manual Synchronization between PSA Plugin and PSA Software.

Release details:

  • Release date: 23rd August 2023

  • Product: ESET PSA Plugin v1.0

  • Type: Major Release

  • Availability: Global