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Pre-release announcement: ESET PROTECT Cloud 4.1 - Nieuws / Releases - ESET Tech Center

Jan 10 2023

Pre-release announcement: ESET PROTECT Cloud 4.1

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Release notes:

  • The release process, as usual consists of several individual (internal) tasks/activities which will be executed from 12.1.2023 (starting 9:00 CET) - to 26.1.2023.

  • Mind the fact, that due to thousands of ESET PROTECT Cloud instances, the upgrade will happen in phases (gradual roll-out to individual instances) from 12.1.2023 - 26.1.2023 to secure smooth operation of the whole cloud service. 

  • Individual customers will be impacted in a minimal way. From their point of view, updates will require minimal downtime. Individual customer's instance would be inaccessible up to 15 minutes. Upgrades will happen out of business hours.

  • New customers will not be affected, as a newly generated instance would be on the latest version from the very first moment.

  • The security of the network will not be affected. 


  • ADDED: Enrollment support for Android mobile devices via Microsoft Intune Management Console

  • ADDED: Column "Investigated by ESET" in incident overview in the ESET Inspect dashboard

  • ADDED: Ability to add column FQDN and Serial Number in the Computers section

  • IMPROVED: Size values in Submitted Files

  • FIXED: Inability to resolve/unresolve detections when the parent group is selected in the tree

  • FIXED: Incorrect encryption process (EFDE) status in the ESET Solutions section

  • FIXED: Wrong ESET LiveGuard license was shown while editing the existing software install task

  • Various other minor improvements and bug fixes

Product/Service: ESET PROTECT Cloud
Build Information / Service version: EPC 4.1
Languages: All
Planned release window: 12.1.2023 - 26.1.2023