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Jul 19 2023

Release announcement: ESET Endpoint Antivirus/Security 10.1

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For the time being all ESET Endpoints with regular online connectivity will start to upgrade to a newer version only after manual activation of the "Check for updates"-button in endpoint's main user interface, or remotely using the new Fast-lane auto-updates capability ("Check for product update"-task in console). This holds good until August 21st, 2023, when the release window will continue with controlled update progress (50% serving ratio) to make the rollout curve smooth on the update servers, as well as on our customers' side, until finally serving all requests from September 5th, 2023.

Feature highlights:
Support for ESET Vulnerability & Patch Management
ESET Vulnerability & Patch Management actively tracks unpatched vulnerabilities in OSs and common applications and allows patching them across all endpoints managed from the ESET PROTECT Cloud console.

Firewall changes and platform unification
Unified firewall configuration and control across Windows and MacOS, plus functional and design improvements.

Support for ESET HUB
Support for ESET HUB accounts and new license structure visualization.

Fast lane auto-updates
Ability to tweak auto-updates from cloud management console and override the official global release rollout window (usually taking 3-8 weeks) to apply auto-updates instantly to selected computers.

Support for submission of documents when enabling ESET LiveGuard
As many malicious samples are hidden within suspicious documents, we want to enable the submission of documents when enabling ESET LiveGuard.


  • New: Vulnerability & Patch Management

  • New: Firewall redesign and unification across platforms

  • New: Protect HUB support

  • New: Support for On-premise LiveGuard and LiveGrid - PLG

  • New: Support for forced check of product auto-upgrades via PROTECT console

  • New: Sending documents by default after enabling of LiveGuard Advance

  • New: Support for SHA-256 file hash

  • New: Features rework - configuration structure and dependency of features

  • Fixed: Incorrect action available for HIPS sub-features

  • Fixed: ESET Inspect offline license file activation

  • Fixed: Format mismatch of imported data from CSV into URL address list in Web control

  • Fixed: Behavior of 'Do not remind me again' link in ESET Push notification service not available application status

Please note that this release affects support levels of these formerly released versions:


Current Status

Full Support

Limited Support


Limited Support

Ended on July 19, 2023

Until next major release + 1 year

ESET Endpoint Security:

ESET Endpoint Antivirus:

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