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Release announcement: ESET Endpoint Encryption Server v3.5.0.365 - Nieuws / Releases - ESET Tech Center

Dec 14 2022

Release announcement: ESET Endpoint Encryption Server v3.5.0.365

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Changelog for ESET Endpoint Encryption Server

  • Improved: The All-In-One (AIO) installer now uses SQL 2019 for fresh and upgraded Encryption Server installations

  • Improved: EEE Servers that were not installed using the AIO installer can connect to SQL 2019

  • Improved: Improved handling of large numbers for workstations and users

  • Improved: Various localization improvements

  • Improved: HTTPS is enabled by default on fresh installations

  • Fixed: OpenSSL now upgrades when using the AIO installer

  • Fixed: Problem where the FDE recovery menu was shown when the user did not have the correct permission set

  • Fixed: Problem where activation codes would not be copied to the clipboard on Chrome and Edge browsers

  • Important: After upgrading with the AIO installer some file locations may have changed. More details

  • Important: Server 2008 no longer supported (Server 2008 R2+ continues to be supported)

Installation packages are available in the download section of our website.

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