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Release Announcement: ESET Inspect & ESET Inspect Cloud v1.8.2214 Hotfix - Nieuws / Releases / Servicing update - ESET Tech Center

Nov 3 2022

Release Announcement: ESET Inspect & ESET Inspect Cloud v1.8.2214 Hotfix

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Today we are releasing a Hotfix for ESET Inspect and ESET Inspect Cloud version 1.8. The on-prem version will become available to download (links below + available via ESET PROTECT repository) later on today, the 3rd of November, and cloud instances are being updated with an estimated completion today by end of business. For our cloud instances we expect two short outages of no more than ~ 1 minute in duration.


  • Fixed: Crashing of EI Server
  • Fixed: Memory Leaks
  • Fixed: EI Server installation failing
  • Fixed: EI Connector not running on Ubuntu 22.04
  • Fixed: Rule triggering on Linux
  • Fixed: Some Events not being sent to EI Server on Linux
  • Improved: Console log-in performance
  • Added: Incidents data synchronization with ESET PROTECT for new Incidents dashboard
  • Added: Event filtering based on "FileAttribute"

Known Issues

  • Installation of the on-prem EI Server can take quite a long time in large environments

Planned release date

  • 3. November 2022 for both on-prem and cloud versions

Installation packages

  • On-prem EI Server and EI Connectors version 1.8.2214 can be downloaded here and/or deployed via ESET PROTECT
  • For cloud please check if you are on version 1.8.2214 (in Help-->About section of the console)

Installation notes

  • Update EI Server to 1.8 first and EI Connectors afterwards
  • EI Server v1.8 is compatible with v1.7 EI Connectors but not the other way around

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