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Jun 27 2023

Release Announcement: ESET PROTECT

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We would like to confirm the successful release of ESET PROTECT 10.1.

For more information about this release, see the changelog below and the What's New document for resellers.


  • ADDED: Detections grouped by common attributes

  • ADDED: An MDR Report Template for offices and partners delivering ESET Services

  • ADDED: Data filter per customer for MSP administrators in the Dashboard section

  • ADDED: New section for MSP administrators, “Managed Customers,” offering an overview of all managed customers

  • ADDED: MSP administrators can filter report templates per customer when creating scheduled reports

  • ADDED: Ability to add columns FQDN and Serial Number in the Computers section

  • ADDED: Syslog includes a computer’s operating system, and a static group’s full hierarchy and description

  • ADDED: New branding visuals within the console

  • ADDED: Ability to combine Computer name, Database version and Last connection in one report

  • IMPROVED: Sending documents to ESET LiveGuard is now ON by default for new customers

  • IMPROVED: Easier search within the console with no need to first choose a category

  • IMPROVED: Filter policies by name

  • IMPROVED: Information about installer creation and downloads added to the Audit Log

  • IMPROVED: MSP customers ready for a set up distinguished by an icon

  • IMPROVED: New version of the AV Remover and Log Collector in the Management Agent

  • IMPROVED: Size values in Submitted Files

  • IMPROVED: Promoting ESET Bridge as a replacement for the discontinued support of Apache HTTP proxy

  • CHANGED: The “Auto-updates” policy will become a part of the “Common features” policy when the new Configuration module is released (planned for July)

  • FIXED: Inability to resolve/unresolve detections when the parent group is selected in the tree

  • FIXED: Wrong ESET LiveGuard license was shown while editing the existing software install task

  • FIXED: Incorrect filter behavior when multiple license statuses are selected

  • FIXED: Issues with displaying the Product Tour in the Safari browser

  • FIXED: Creating a dynamic group template based on a value “LiveGuard is not working due to a license problem” not functioning properly

  • FIXED: Dynamic group template based on a value “macOS is preventing the ESET security product from accessing some folders” not working properly

  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes


Build Information / Service Version:
Release Stage: Service Release
Languages: All

Please note that this release affects support statuses of these formerly released versions:

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