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Release Announcement: ESET Server Security for Microsoft Windows Server 10.0.12010.0 - Nieuws / Releases - ESET Tech Center

Mar 14 2023

Release Announcement: ESET Server Security for Microsoft Windows Server 10.0.12010.0

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Release details:

  • Release date: 14th of March 2023

  • Product: ESET Server Security for Microsoft Windows Server - 10.0.12010.0

  • Type: Major release

  • Availability: Global excl. Japan


  • NEW: New product installer with minimal modules.

  • NEW: ESET Bridge integration.

  • NEW: Redesigned GUI with a Dark mode added.

  • NEW: Scheduled on-demand scan with login credentials.

  • NEW: Scheduled on-demand scan timeout setting for OneDrive, Hyper-V, and On-demand scan.

  • NEW: Ukrainian localization and documentation available.

  • IMPROVED: SysInspector GUI redesign.

  • IMPROVED: Optimization and performance improvements of Email client protection module.

  • IMPROVED: Added possibility to use wildcards in Model, Vendor and Serial number fields for Device control rules.

  • IMPROVED: New concept of communication of pending product updates, and end user licence agreement.

  • IMPROVED: Scheduling of OneDrive on-demand scan is available in ESET Protect Console.

  • FIXED: ESET LiveGuard status "enabled but not activated" not available.

  • FIXED: Various string fixes in Japanese localization.

  • FIXED: A problem where ESET Outlook plugin was causing Outlook to freeze.

  • FIXED: Non-functional reboot button for non-admin users after auto-update.

  • FIXED: OneDrive scan issues with specific folder locations.

  • FIXED: Automatic exclusions are not generated for Skype for Business Server 2019

  • FIXED: Automatic exclusion issue on Servers with DC role.

  • REMOVED: ESET Shared local cache removed due to the EOL status.

  • REMOVED: Compatibility with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, and Small Business Server 2011.

  • REMOVED: Repair and modify options removed from product installer.

Download the full what’s new for resellers pdf for more information:

Please note that this release affects the support statuses of these formerly released versions:


Current Status

Full Support

Limited Support


Full Support

Until March 31, 2024

Until March 31, 2026

Builds are available on the official web and repository.