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AUG 26 2020

Release announcement: ESET File Security for Linux 7.2

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Dear all,

I want to inform you that ESET File Security for Linux 7.2 has been released.
New version brings an update mechanism allowing to update an application to the new version via command-line tools or WebGUI. We've also implemented an Automatic-updates mechanism, allowing uto download newest version and update during the server reboot. You can find more information in What's new document. 

Release details:

Release date: 26 August 2020

Product: ESET File Security for Linux

Version: 7.2.463.0

Type: Service Release

Availability: Global excl. Japan

Release notes:

  • New: Ability to check for update of application from upd command-line utility as well as from WebGUI. 
  • New: Ability to enable automatic update of application during server restart
  • New: Support for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • New: Support for RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8
  • New: Support for CentOS 8
  • New: Support for Debian 10
  • Support of ICAP scanning for Nutanix
  • Improved: Performance and system footprint of real-time protection scanner
  • Improved: Changes in WebGUI settings needs to be confirmed or discarded before leaving settings section
  • Fixed: Real-time protection scanner could slow down a machine during the boot process in certain scenarios
  • Fixed: On-demand scan enabled from WebGUI might not remove all detections if they are existing in separate partitions
  • Fixed: Error "Cannot accept connection" when too many connections were opened to icapd
  • Fixed: Enabling "Shut down computer after scan" task from ESMC did not work
  • Fixed: Detection engine module update was not logged properly
  • Fixed: Integration with Dell EMC Isilon was not possible, returning the message: Invalid request: Bad Message
  • Removed: Support for rspamd spam filtering system
  • Other minor bug fixes and optimizations


Builds can be downloaded from official channels

Sha1 for verification:

  • 006d8043f2a29b7a88f5e32409242734b870623c  efs.x86_64.bin
  • 541020309d10674d48cd5fd6776608949d3d3f5b  efs-7.2.463.0.x86_64.deb
  • 3935945d53164998b0aa4b0ed2ff90cc705d925d  efs-7.2.463.0.x86_64.rpm