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jul. 1 2022

Pre-release announcement: ESET PROTECT Cloud 3.4

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Let me inform you, that we have declared Internal Technical Readiness for a new version of ESET PROTECT Cloud and are planning to deploy it into the production during 7.7.2022 - 21.7.2022.

Release notes:

  • The release process, as usual consists of several individual (internal) tasks/activities which will be executed from 7.7.2022 (starting 9:00 CET) - to 21.7.2022
  • Mind the fact, that due to thousands of ESET PROTECT Cloud instances, the upgrade will happen in phases (gradual roll-out to individual instances) from 7.7.2022 - 21.7.2022 to secure smooth operation of the whole cloud service. 
  • Individual customers will be impacted in a minimal way. From their point of view, updates will require minimal downtime. Individual customer's instance would be inaccessible up to 15 minutes. Upgrades will happen out of business hours.
  • New customers will not be affected, as a newly generated instance would be on the latest version from the very first moment.
  • The security of the network will not be affected. 


  • ADDED: Advanced Filters in the Computers section
  • ADDED: Native ARM64 support for ESET Management Agent for macOS
  • ADDED: "Waiting" state in the Component version status section on Status Overview for better communication of auto-updates (available from Windows Endpoint version 9.1)
  • ADDED: Site structure from ESET Business Account synchronizes in the static group tree
  • ADDED: New rebooting option - administrator can set up reboots in a way that the end-users can postpone them (available from Windows Endpoint version 9.1)
  • ADDED: Information on how many more devices can enable ESET LiveGuard on the ESET LiveGuard Dashboard
  • ADDED: Preview feature - Dark Theme
  • ADDED: Limited-input device-simple enrollment flow for Android-based devices that do not have access to emails or a camera for scanning QR codes.
  • ADDED: Support for deployment of the latest version in the software installation task (the latest version at the moment of task execution, it is not necessary to select a specific version anymore)
  • ADDED: Creation date column in the Installers section
  • ADDED: Reset functionality for columns in tables
  • ADDED: Warning to Audit log access right
  • ADDED: "Installation Date" column in Computer details - Installed Applications screen
  • ADDED: Ability to select multiple monitored static groups in a single notification
  • ADDED: OS version collected from macOS and Windows is displayed in human-readable form in the OS Service Pack column in the Computers section
  • ADDED: Agents tile in the Status Overview section for better identification of unmanaged computers
  • ADDED: Instance ID is available in the console's About section (previously only available in ESET Business Account)
  • ADDED: Console users can deploy ESET Full Disk Encryption (EFDE) on recommended (portable) devices in the ESET Solutions screen
  • IMPROVED: EFDE does not deploy to devices using BitLocker for drive encryption
  • IMPROVED: Reboot and shut down experience on macOS (user is notified about restart and can cancel it in 60 seconds)
  • IMPROVED: Tasks planned ASAP are executed in the order in which they were created in the console
  • IMPROVED: Admin password is not required when enrolling a new mobile device. However, ESET strongly recommends you use an admin password for the full functionality of certain features.
  • IMPROVED: Every ASAP trigger created by the user in the console must have an expiration set (less than six months)
  • IMPROVED: HIPS detections now contain user and hash
  • IMPROVED: New version of AVRemover and LogCollector in the Management Agent
  • FIXED: Several Functionality problems are missing in the selection while creating a dynamic group template
  • FIXED: Scheduled client tasks without pre-selected "Invoke ASAP If Event Missed" may be executed with the wrong timing if the computer woke up from sleep or hibernation
  • FIXED: Tags assigned to a "Client Task" are automatically assigned also to computers where the task has been executed or assigned
  • FIXED: Unavailable EDR element in the Component version status section on the Status Overview Dashboard
  • Various other minor improvements and bug fixes

Product/Service: ESET PROTECT Cloud
Build Information / Service version:  ESET PROTECT Cloud 3.4
Languages: All
Planned release window: 7.7.2022 - 21.7.2022