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Release announcement: ESET PROTECT 9.0 - Nieuws / Releases - ESET Tech Center

okt. 28 2021

Release announcement: ESET PROTECT 9.0

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Dear partners,

Before upgrading ESET PROTECT to v9, consider the following known issue explained in this KB article.

We would like to confirm the successful release of ESET PROTECT 9.0.

With this release, besides other improvements, we are introducing the new Auto-update mechanism and the new ESET Dynamic Threat Defense Dashboard, where you can find interesting statistics. We have also added Management for Brute-force attack protection, coming with Endpoint v 9 for Windows.

Service version (Build Information): Version:
Release Stage: Service Release
Languages: All
Installers: The downloads for the ESET PROTECT 9.0 installers are currently disabled. We plan to release a hotfix soon that will resolve this issue.


  • ADDED: Support for Automatic Product Updates (available from Windows Endpoint version 9.0)
  • ADDED: New ESET Dynamic Threat Defense dashboard
  • ADDED: Computer preview - by clicking on computer name will be displayed side panel with the most important computer details
  • ADDED: Detections preview - by clicking on detection type will be displayed side panel with the most important detection details
  • ADDED: Management for brute-force attack protection (available from Windows Endpoint version 9.0)
  • ADDED: Indicator of last connection status of managed computer (connected in last replication interval)
  • ADDED: New column Logged users in Computers table
  • ADDED: System updates management for Android
  • ADDED: Ability to create a new trigger in client task details
  • ADDED: Windows OS build number is reported as a separate symbol (possibility to use it in Dynamic groups)
  • ADDED: List of submitted files (EDTD) in Computer details, Detection and Quarantine section
  • ADDED: New product categories in Product version status section on Status Overview
  • ADDED: Full path to a computer in received notifications
  • ADDED: Possibility disable the triggering of notifications for muted computers
  • ADDED: Support for Java 17
  • ADDED: New EEI-specific permission "Remote Shell Access"
  • CHANGED: Existing ESET Dynamic Threat Defense dashboard name change
  • CHANGED: Reducing and re-organizing columns in the Computers section
  • CHANGED: Triggers for server tasks and client tasks with frequencies lower than 15 minutes will not be allowed
  • CHANGED: More granular communication of managed applications versions
  • IMPROVED: ESET Dynamic Threat Defense perception (added information of what was originally detected by EDTD)
  • IMPROVED: Operating system update - allowing the user to postpone the required reboot
  • IMPROVED: Operating system update task accessible not only from context menu over a group but also over a single device
  • IMPROVED: Proactive communication of 2FA mechanisms in ESET PROTECT and its usability improvements
  • IMPROVED: Now is possible to remember the device when 2FA is enabled (Not necessary to put the second factor in the next login on a particular device)
  • IMPROVED: Now is possible to visually distinguish locked policies in policies and computer details screens (padlock icon)
  • IMPROVED: When users create new permission sets, some checkboxes can grey out based on their permission (users can not give higher permission that they have)
  • IMPROVED: Automatically selected newly created permission set when creating a new user
  • IMPROVED: Basic support of installer file caching in script-based Agent Live Installers
  • IMPROVED: Date and Time displayed in format according to language
  • IMPROVED: Updated cipher suite configuration for Tomcat
  • IMPROVED: Faster displaying of the planned flag on client tasks also after assigning to the significant amount of targets
  • IMPROVED: The enrollment URL link is visible below the QR code, and the user can copy it in the enrollment wizard
  • IMPROVED: New version of LogCollector in Management Agent
  • IMPROVED: A user or a computer can only be assigned to 200 users or computers in one operation to retain adequate service responsiveness
  • FIXED: Actions in the context menu for devices were disabled incorrectly (Enable ESET Dynamic Threat Defense, Network Isolation)
  • FIXED: Licenses without an expiration date (for example, subscription licenses) were counted as expired in the Status Overview
  • FIXED: "Title" in the properties of the exported PDF report
  • FIXED: Triggers - infinite loading in some cases when the user changes trigger type
  • FIXED: Unwanted machines moved during computers import
  • FIXED: Missing notification about scheduled restart (macOS - osascript)
  • FIXED: Server Settings: ADD FILTER button is not working in the pop-up
  • FIXED: Custom headers of scheduled reports are not applied
  • FIXED: MSP customer setup fails if CA cert is not accessible and the user has no RW access on certificates
  • FIXED: Licenses without expiration date are counted as expired
  • FIXED: In case the generated PDF report contains a double-byte character in the name, the Title property might be garbled
  • FIXED: License is randomly changed when the software install task is edited
  • FIXED: Notifications - Message preview is not displaying properly
  • FIXED: Email sender is leaking ntlm_auth zombie processes upon each NTLM authentication attempt
  • FIXED: macOS Big Sur, specific protections statuses are missing in dynamic groups and report templates
  • FIXED: Multiple sorting does not sort correctly
  • FIXED: Performance issue when deleting a large number of exclusions
  • FIXED: Various other bug fixes, security, and performance improvements
  • REMOVED: Technical support for old products (ERA Proxy, ESLC, VAH, EVSA, NSX)

Important Note: Some of the new functionalities require the latest version (v9) of the Endpoint product for Windows, which will be released later (End of November 2021).