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Release announcement: ESET PROTECT Cloud 2.2 - Nieuws / Releases - ESET Tech Center

apr. 20 2021

Release announcement: ESET PROTECT Cloud 2.2

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Let me inform you, that we have a new version of ESET PROTECT Cloud and are planning to deploy it into the production during 21.4.2021 - 5.5.2021

Release notes:

  • Individual customers will be impacted in a minimal way. From their point of view, upgrades will require minimal downtime. Individual customer instance would be inaccessible up to 15 minutes. Upgrades will happen out of business hours.
  • New customers will not be affected, as newly generated instance would be on the latest version from the very first moment.
  • The security of the network will be not affected.


  • NEW: New concept - Option to preview certain features
  • NEW: Preview feature - Support for iOS / iPadOS (without ABM enrollment)
  • NEW: Preview feature - Computer preview
  • ADDED: Upgrade outdated products in a computer group
  • ADDED: Default filter in the Detection screen (unresolved detections first)
  • ADDED: Ability to use a second license to activate ESET Dynamic Threat Defense in a software installation task when an eligible endpoint product is selected
  • ADDED: User management for users with global "write" access
  • ADDED: Expiration time for client task triggers (Triggers tab)
  • ADDED: New report - Computer Hardware Overview
  • ADDED: Enabled non-root administration (other than the instance creator) to manage the security of other managed accounts (depends on the upcoming EBA release planned for April 2021)
  • IMPROVED: Pause a task for ESET Full Disk Encryption (capability to select an exact date and time)
  • IMPROVED: The encryption status tile is now more interactive
  • IMPROVED: Extended information in detection details
  • IMPROVED: A recommendation message is displayed when the Administrator tries to run a client task on more than 1,000 clients (using a group is recommended)
  • IMPROVED: Assigning a policy to more than 200 individual devices is permitted (using a group is recommended)
  • IMPROVED: Various performance improvements
  • FIXED: Licenses with over 10,000 seats were displayed as infinite
  • FIXED: In some cases, the "Planned" flag In a client task remained active after a task was executed
  • FIXED: The license usage number did not display the correct number when a license was overused
  • FIXED: Subunits were not used by percentage usage enumeration for mail security products
  • FIXED: The operating system name (Big Sur) for macOS 11.1 and 11.2 was missing
  • FIXED: Various other bug fixes and improvements

Product/Service: ESET PROTECT Cloud
Build Information / Service version:  Service version: 2.2.0
Languages: All
Planned release window:  21.4.2021 - 5.5.2021