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How do I find my public license id - Kennisbank / FAQ's - ESET Tech Center

How do I find my public license id

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I cannot find my ESET public license ID.


Endpoints/Security Products (Windows)

On most ESET products (ESET Endpoint AntiVirus/Security, ESET File/Mail Security) you can find the license details by pressing "CTRL + u" in the GUI of the product. 

Endpoints/Security Products (MacOS)

In ESET Endpoint AntiVirus/Security for MacOS you can find the public license id in the main GUI - Help:

ESET Secure Authentication

For ESET Secure Authentication, you can lookup the license in the ESA Webconsole - dashboard. In the license tile bottom right press the i for the license details:

Please use the Copy data to clipboard option to send ESET support the license information 

ESET Endpoint Encryption

For ESET Endpoint Encryption there is a difference in managed clients (by ESET Endpoint Encryption Server) and unmanaged clients.


In the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server (EEE Server) select the Organisation root, then the Licences tab. See below:


Right click the ESET Endpoint Encryption tray icon and click Info about ESET Endpoint Encryption:

Click more:

Product-id is the license.


In ESET PROTECT, all your managed licenses are listed in license management in the webconsole:

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