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Jun 3 2024

ESET PROTECT version 5.3 has been released

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Release date: May 30, 2024

ESET PROTECT version 5.3 has been released. The staged roll-out will begin on May 30, 2024. To check if your instance has been updated to the new version, see About ESET PROTECT.


  • ADDED: Support for Vulnerability & Patch Management on macOS and Linux (requires ESET Endpoint Security for macOS version 8.0 or ESET business products for Linux version 11.0)

  • ADDED: Vulnerability & Patch Management added to the "ESET Solutions" section

  • ADDED: Ability to filter the vulnerabilities list by operating system

  • ADDED: Monthly MDR report email sent automatically to customers with the ESET MDR service

  • ADDED: Ability to select time intervals for the data displayed in the MDR dashboard

  • ADDED: Filtering options in the "MDR Report Archive" section

  • ADDED: Ability to send MDR reports as links via email

  • ADDED: Support for the "Isolate computer from network" task on macOS (requires ESET Endpoint Security for macOS version 8.0 and later)

  • IMPROVED: Filtering options in the "Computers" section

  • IMPROVED: Context menu in the "Computers" section

  • IMPROVED: "Modification time" column was added to the "Scheduled reports" section

  • IMPROVED: New version of AVRemover in the Management Agent

  • FIXED: Some time zone offsets displayed incorrectly in the settings for notifications and MDR reports

  • FIXED: Reports with a semicolon in the name downloaded incorrectly

  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes

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For other questions, such as troubleshooting, FAQ, and video tutorial videos, search the ESET Knowledgebase.

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