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Using tcpdump on a Virtual Appliance - Kennisbank / Diagnostics - ESET Tech Center

Using tcpdump on a Virtual Appliance

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When troubleshooting network related issues on a virtual appliance/linux machine, tcpdump is the linux equivalent of wireshark. 

To install tcpdump: 

Enter the following command in the terminal of the appliance to install tcpdump: 

yum install tcpdump

Confirm the installation with "y"

Use the following command to capture and save the packets in a file:

tcpdump  -vv -w  FILENAME.pcap -i any

Reproduce the issue, so it is captured in the tcpdump log. 

To cancel the capture press: 

Ctrl + c

To compress the output file: 

tar -cvzf FILENAME.tar.gz FILENAME.pcap

Please send the compressed output file: FILENAME.tar.gz to ESET Support. 

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