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How do I use ESET Log Collector? - Kennisbank / Diagnostics - ESET Tech Center

How do I use ESET Log Collector?

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How to use the ESET Log Collector youtube video (in Dutch):

macOS users | Linux users

  1. Download the ESET Log Collector.

  2. After the tool has finished downloading, double-click it to run the tool.

  3. Click I Accept to accept the End User License Agreement (EULA).

  4. Select All in the Collection Profile drop-down menu unless ESET Technical Support instructs you to select a different option. Read more about the Collection Profile options in Online Help.

  5. Click Browse next to Save archive as, specify the location where you want to save archive files and then click Save (the archive filename is already pre-defined).

  6. We advise to use the Protect archive by password option, because the output could contain sensitive data.

  7. Click Collect. The collection might take some time to complete. The Operation Log window will display what operation is currently in progress.

  8. When the collection is finished, the "Files have been collected and archived" message will be displayed. This means that the collection was successful, and the archive file (for example, is saved in the location specified in step 6.
    If you already have a case open with ESET Technical Support, you can submit the log files as an email attachment when you respond to ESET. If you do not have a case open, contact ESET Technical Support. If the output from the log collector is too large to e-mail, follow this guide for uploading large files.

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